August 30, 2009

New Gaming System

I got a new gaming system the XBOX 360 they are better than my ps2 Conner my best friend has one

June 11, 2009

polar bears

Hey my favorite animal is a polar bear although there are going extinct we still have a chance to help we could prevent global warming stop polluting and all that other stuff because they need your help just look at them i would hate for these animals to be lost forever wouldnt you


June 08, 2009

web video

hey people of earth and dad do you guys know what my favorite web video is if not well your about to find out drum roll please (drum rolling) any way it is FRED if you dont know who he is go to and type fred he is this guy who has a high pitched voice well actully he only makes it really fast and that makes it high yeah well just go to and find out for yourself remember then type in fred and if you dont think he is funny then your a jerk

June 06, 2009

car brakes

hey you guys know how awsome i am right well now im even more awsome because i fixed the brakes on the car and i guess dad helped a little but not that much he forgot to put the rim back on when we got the tire so we had to unscrew the tire and put the rim on then on the second side he forgot again but i remembered

March 24, 2009

Hunter Saftey

I took hunter Saftey and passed i cant wait to go hunting with Uncle Chris and Uncle Trieu with hunter i saw a field dressing movie there and it was ok it told eveyt little detail of what to cut of if you know what i mean i want a buck with some decent antlers and a turkey and other animals

March 04, 2009

Best Computer Game

i got this new computer game called OBLIVION you can do really anything you want steal horses kill people kill guards and a lot of otjer things like make you own character me and my dad love this game so much i could play it all day if i could dad plays it all night when he gets home

January 19, 2009

new fave game

i got this game and its really fun its called sims 2 castaway my mom and dad really like it its just like a normal sim game exept your stranded on an island

December 30, 2008

christmas presents

i had christmas on christmas eve and i loved my presents i got a bb gun pistol igot psp game: alien syndrom transformers iron man and a lot of other gift to

December 08, 2008

wii or ps2

my aunt jamie wants to get a wii i told her to get a ps2 what do you think she should get please post im board

December 01, 2008


i got a psp with three games Lord of the rings avatar and socom navy seals its the best i love psp just in case people dont know its a playstation portable